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How to prevent children with allergic rhinitis

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 18,2009, 2:53:09 PM
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Allergic rhinitis is extremely common in children, nasal congestion a chronic disease, the main clinical symptoms of nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, postnasal dripping, coughing at night suddenly. And the cold is different is that allergic rhinitis is normally done in climate change, the morning wake up, or dust in the air when the attacks, but this phenomenon is generally lasted only 10 to 20 minutes, the day may be intermittent, if these kids merge there is a history of skin allergies or asthma, for the parents should pay special attention to.

In general, clinical practice, a common type of allergy are:

Type I: Allergic rhinitis is made for each case of cold, sneezing frequency for, clear tears streaming nose, nasal block-up, and see the aversion to cold fever, cough, phlegm white, which is part of TCM's "cold type", you can use Pueraria Decoction or ephedra plus Jing Tang powder to disperse the cold anti-sepsis.

Type II: Allergic rhinitis is better made in the summer, when exposed to heat the hair, nose and partial yellow thick pus, often dizziness, listless, and parched, this kind of "wind-heat-type" symptoms can be Sang Ju Yin Chi Gung with plaster or soup to treat.

Type III: Allergic rhinitis has been good for a while, usually more than the amount of nose, pale, aversion to cold fatigue, it is easy to sweat, you can use the Yu Ping Feng San for the addition and subtraction to treat this kind of "Qi-type" symptoms.

IV: In addition to allergic rhinitis, the gastrointestinal tract are often disappointing, stool faceless justice, do not want to eat, often conscious bulging belly bulge, then you can use the main square for the treatment of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang.

Prevention of Rhinitis

One, pay attention to working and living environment, the air clean, avoid contact with dust and chemical fumes, especially harmful gas.
2, better nutrition, strengthen righteousness.
3, exercise to improve their physique. Through sports, can improve blood circulation, will not block blood flow within the turbinate. Regular exercise,
4 Gaidiao bad habit of digging the nose.
5, timely correction of any nasal deformity. Such as nasal septum deviation and so on.
6, root lesion, a thorough treatment of tonsillitis, sinusitis and other chronic diseases.
7, used with caution nasal contraction agents, in particular, not a long-term continuous use. (Intranasal net, ephedrine, will pass, furosemide Ephedrine Nasal Drops, etc.).
8, reducing cold air to the nasal mucosa to stimulate the proper time, attention to wear a mask. Dry the hair after a bath should be further sleep, to avoid the flu.
9, pay attention to warm, climate change can easily cause a cold rhinitis. Seasonal transition that timely and appropriate attention to watching Tim weather clothing.

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