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How should sinusitis prevention and nursing

Updated: Monday, Mar 09,2015, 9:10:21 AM
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1, pay attention to the nasal health at ordinary times, form the good hygienic habit of nasal irrigation in the morning and evening.

2, pay attention to blow your stuff. Stuffy nose more stuff, appropriate according to plug on one side of the nose, slightly hard blow. After the alternation of the blow. When nose too thick with saline nasal irrigation, avoid injury and nasal mucosa.

3, when swimming posture to correct, try to be the head above the water.

4, with dental, thoroughly treatment.

5, acute onset, take more rest. The bedroom should be bright, maintain indoor air circulation. But avoid direct blowing and direct sunlight.

1, the prescribed medication in a timely manner.

7, chronic sinusitis, treatment should have confidence and perseverance, pay attention to exercise more to build you up.

8, it is forbidden to smoke, wine, spicy food.

9, keep the disposition open and bright, avoid mental stimulation, at the same time pay attention to don't overfatigue.

10, at ordinary times can often do massage nose.

11, every morning can use cold water washs a face, can effectively enhance the disease resistance of nasal mucosa;


Sinusitis great harm to people's health. It can cause headache, dizzy brain expand, insomnia, forgetfulness, upset, easy to lose his temper, the students' academic performance decline gradually, sleepy indifference, concentration, etc. It can become lesions, also affect the surrounding tissue inflammation, especially eye diseases, such as centricity retinitis, etc. Of diagnosis and treatment of patients with long-term low thermal, many do not work, the ent consultation diagnosed with chronic maxillary sinusitis and the treatment to heal.

Sinusitis in People's Daily life is larger, the influence of the sinus like respiratory guards, once out of the question will affect the function of the lower respiratory tract in the lungs, trachea, etc, but also affect the surrounding tissue, like the brain, eyes, etc., if the disease is severe, still can cause complications, which endanger the safety of the people's life, and the incidence of a disease is higher, especially the proportion of young people is large, affect study and work, should cure of as soon as possible.

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