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Chronic frontal sinusitis the treatment

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 18,2009, 2:59:15 PM
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(A) Non-surgical therapy, including the use of nasal vasoconstrictor and intranasal antibiotics, replacement surgery, physiotherapy and so on, may be effective only in mild early stage.

(B) intranasal surgery, including correction of nasal septum high bending, nasal surgery, partial middle turbinectomy surgery and so on. Such surgery for chronic suppurative frontal sinusitis after non-surgical treatment were ineffective, but there are frontal trauma history, a history of complications of frontal sinusitis should not be used. Such surgery is also known as assisted surgery.

(C) intranasal frontal sinus surgery, the patient supine, intranasal topical anesthesia or general anesthesia, in the nasal lateral wall nasion at line "V"-shaped incision, stripped mucosa, removal of uncinate process, ethmoid sinus before opening. If the middle turbinate hypertrophy, we should first middle turbinate fracture displacement, or do partial middle turbinectomy, deep to the posterior edge of maxillary sudden, expanding nasofrontal duct. Nasal surgery should be noted that the amount of the back of the sieve tube, after reset mucosal flap, frontal available 6mm silicone tube drainage, 6 future rinse. This procedure is relatively simple operation. Mucosal injury of small, relatively safe, easy to create nasofrontal canal stenosis, and left no scar forehead, unnecessary to do more complicated fronto-ethmoidal nasal surgery. If the results are poor, a viable external nasal frontal sinus surgery.

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