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Cataract patients diet attention to what

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 6:53:21 PM
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1 , often drinking Tea .

Tannic acid in tea contains a substance with antioxidant response effect. Cataract is the role of free radicals generated by the oxidation reaction due to the body in the lens caused by drinking it regularly can prevent cataracts. 5 cups of tea a day , to prevent the occurrence and development of cataracts with good results .

2 , eat foods rich in vitamin C foods.

Efficacy of vitamin C can prevent cataract formation , because the formation of cataracts is due to the light and oxygen to produce results long-term effects on the lens , and vitamin C can decrease light and oxygen damage to the lens , which can prevent the occurrence and development of cataracts . Cataracts in the elderly should be appropriate to eat foods rich in vitamin C , such as tomatoes, dates, prickly pear, and fresh green vegetables.

3, eat foods rich in selenium .

Insufficient selenium content in the body can lead to the lens of the hydrogenation activity of glutathione significantly decreased the incidence of cataracts can be significantly improved. Prevention of cataracts should be properly eat selenium -rich foods such as asparagus , mushrooms , grains , fish, shrimp and so on.

4 , eat more foods rich in zinc .

Significantly reduce the high levels of zinc in the lens , but with the amount of zinc in human cataract lens . Zinc deficiency may promote the formation of cataracts , so people suffering from cataracts should eat more foods rich in zinc , such as herring , sardines, meat , peanuts, walnuts, oysters .

5 , eat or not eat fried foods and artificial fats, margarine , animal fats .

These foods will accelerate the oxidation reaction , people prone to cataracts.

6 , eat whole milk powder , milk , butter , cheese, ice cream and other dairy products including lactose -rich .

Milk contains lactose , lactic acid by the action of the enzyme , decomposition into galactose , some decrease in the ability to metabolize galactose milk . Galactose utilization dairy interfere vitamin B2 , it is deposited on the lens of the eye elderly protein denaturation occurs easily , causing the lens to reduce transparency, easy to induce or aggravate cataracts.

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