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Acupuncture treatment of acute laryngitis

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 09,2009, 4:45:11 PM
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Acute laryngitis for the throat of acute diffuse inflammation, occurred in children when the more serious. Clinical manifestations of dry throat, fever, hoarseness, sore throat and dry cough spasm can be accompanied by fever, fatigue, loss of appetite. In early days, the main pediatric laryngeal spasm, post-laryngeal obstruction may occur, but there is difficulty in breathing, irritability, and even cyanosis or pale complexion and so on. Acupuncture treatment of this disease, as early as 1957, some people try. Clinical data to date to treat more common in children with acute laryngitis. Practice has shown that acupuncture for this disease have a fairly good results, even with obstructive laryngitis in children there is a certain effect, will enable the majority of children to avoid making an emergency tracheotomy. Especially if an early stage in patients with acute laryngitis acupuncture treatment, shortening the course of the disease, reduce or mitigate the occurrence of serious complications have a greater role.

* Body Acupuncture

(1) acupoints; Common Point: Lian-Quan, Hegu, Futu, less commercial, Zusanli.

Standby points: days sudden, Shang Yang, columns missing, inner court, Zhongwan, Qu pool.

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