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the neck and laryngeal prominence leads to glaucoma easily

Updated: Monday, Aug 02,2010, 5:34:03 PM
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A research of German medical department shows that tight tie on the neck and laryngeal prominence leads to glaucoma easily. Researchers tested that 40 males tied for 3 minutes and most of them increase intraocular tension by 20%. That was because tie pressed vein in the neck, influenced blood circulation, and affected eyes. Experts suggested that do not tie too tight. If you tie too tight, pressure of ocular region will damage your eyes even worse than glaucoma. Gentlemen please pay more attention to this long team damage of ophthalmic nerve.

So, eye doctors suggest that people who want to wear Tang dynasty custom do not tie collar button too tight; people with tie do not tie too much. It is good way to protect your eyes to create a proper environment.

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