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Uveitis refers specifically to an inflammation of the uvea

Updated: Monday, Jun 14,2010, 6:08:07 PM
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Uveitis refers specifically to an inflammation of the uvea. The uvea is a layer of the eye wall located between the sclera and retina. The iris is a part of the uvea.

uveitis can result in:

    * redness of the eyes
    * eye pain
    * eye
    * irritation
    * blurred vision

There are a number of possible causes for uveitis from infections to allergic reactions. that people with autoimmune diseases such as certain types of arthritis are at greater risk of suffering from uveitis. The exact cause and treatment needs to be assessed by an eye care professional. In some cases, the cause is never discovered.

Complications from uveitis are as varied as its causes. Some of the more severe complications include retinal detachment and glaucoma ASU estimates that close to 40,000 people suffer from uveitis each year and that 10 to 15 percent of blindness is caused by it.

Treatments for uveitis depend on the cause. They can include drugs to treat allergies and infections or steroids in either droplet or ointment form. Many times, if the condition is mild, watchful waiting will be employed. A patient however should not make that decision without consulting with an eye care professional. If you have eye pain or vision problems, you should see someone immediately.

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