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Three kinds of measures to prevent dry eye syndrome

Updated: Monday, Nov 21,2011, 11:55:35 AM
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1,  more than blink. Most of the people reading or other food, the eyes blink for a long time before, but we do not know, blink less, the more prone to dry eye syndrome. Because the secretion of tears and blinking helps the distribution of blink less, a direct result of reducing the amount of tears, and exposed to the air in the tear film will quickly evaporate, loss of eye protection force. So as to operate a computer, driving, reading and so long time with eyes will cause dry eye syndrome. Blink reflex is a protective action of tear layer can make the tears evenly coated the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva, in order to maintain wet not dry. Normal blink about 20 times per minute.

2,  Note that eyelid hygiene. In life, we should pay attention to their hygiene, try not to hand to rub your eyes, to wash their hands, especially in the current H1N1 influenza pandemic, infectious diseases such as acute conjunctivitis high season, the hand can be used as the media, the spread of germs . An hour or so with the eyes a rest, eyes closed, look-away. There are fragments of the eyelids, shedding of the patients, should pay attention to eyelid hygiene.

3,  computers in position. If you are a long-term use of computer staff, then you need to pay attention to their posture, because the long-term application of computers people, especially young people should be aware of dry eye symptoms appear, due approaching hospital for treatment. Special note here, people over the age of 40, the best dual-focus lens, or typing, wearing glasses with lower degree. Work posture and distance is also very important, try to keep a minimum distance of 60 cm, adjust one of the most appropriate posture, making the line of sight to maintain the downward about 30 degrees, such a perspective can make the neck muscles relax, and make the surface of the eye the area exposed to the air to a minimum. Engaged in computer operations, to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, while increasing the vitamin A, B1, C, E intake. Day may be appropriate to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea, because tea LPS, can improve the body's hematopoietic function, there is radiation damage to the tea function.

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