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This is about myeloma symptoms

Updated: Friday, Aug 27,2010, 9:49:36 PM
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Myeloma symptoms

Multiple myeloma does not always cause symptoms in its early stages. But possible symptoms can include

    * Kidney problems caused by the paraproteins produced by the myeloma cells. Kidney damage can cause tiredness and anaemia.
    * Repeated colds, coughs and other infections (particularly chest infections) because of a shortage of normal antibodies.
    * Weakening of the bones by the myeloma cells, which may increase the risk of fractures.
    * Loss of appetite, feeling sick, constipation, depression and drowsiness caused by too much calcium in the blood (hypercalcaemia). The excess calcium is released into the blood from the damaged bones.
    * Unexplained bruising and abnormal bleeding (for example, nosebleeds or bleeding gums) because the number of platelets in the blood has decreased.
    * Pins and needles, numbness, tingling or weakness in the feet or legs; or difficulty passing urine or opening the bowels. Any of these symptoms could mean that a myeloma tumour is pressing on the spinal cord (known as cord compression). Contact your doctor immediately if you think that this may be happening to you.

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