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The possible risk factors for eye melanoma include

Updated: Friday, Aug 27,2010, 9:40:05 PM
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Eye color
People with blue, green or gray eyes are more likely to develop ocular melanoma than those with brown eyes, as fair skinned are more likely to get melanoma skin than people with darker skin.

People who have abnormal brown spots (pigmentation) on their Uvea (called melanocytosis oculodermal) are at increased risk of developing melanoma eye too.

Some families tend to have a large number of moles on the skin, or moles that are unusual (the doctors call "atypical"). The "atypical" moles tend to be irregular in shape or color. They also tend to become cancerous. People with moles of this kind have a higher risk than average of melanoma of the skin and ocular melanoma.

We know that exposure to sunlight on a definite risk factor for melanoma of the skin. It has also been associated with melanoma of the eye. Men who have more exposure to the sun through their work have an increased risk of ocular melanoma. Exposure before the age of 30 seems to be the most important. natural changes of aging of the eye means that it is unlikely that exposure to sunlight at an average age of the causes of ocular melanoma.

Exposure to UV radiation for some workers
At least two studies have reported a slightly increased risk of melanoma of the eye in people working as a welder. We do not know if the UV radiation from the tools used for welding or other factors that cause increased risk.

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