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The cause of lacrimal sac tumor

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 19,2010, 3:43:20 PM
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1) the etiology

Cause is not yet very clear. Part of the lacrimal sac tumor and a long-term chronic inflammation of the lacrimal sac.

(B) the pathogenesis of

Relatively less benign tumor of lacrimal sac. Are: lacrimal cysts, papilloma, pleomorphic adenoma, fibroma, muscle mother cell tumor, polyps, capillary hemangioma, benign melanoma (moles), etc.. Among them, the more common cystic and papillary tumor. Lacrimal sac cyst actually nasolacrimal duct and lacrimal duct obstruction or stenosis at the same time, the lacrimal sac mucus secreted by mucous membrane itself can not be discharged due to the gradual expansion; patients in no pain (Figure 1). The papillomas are often present in long-term post-traumatic chronic dacryocystitis or mucous membranes. Lacrimal sac arising in polyps often accompanied by nasal polyps or allergic disorders.

Lacrimal sac papilloma There are two kinds: one highlight to the cavity, accounting for cavity; a class within the cyst growth (there are two kinds of conditions are present). The latter found that 40% of early malignant change.

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