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Symptoms of dry eye syndrome

Updated: Monday, Nov 21,2011, 11:57:25 AM
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Dry eye is it? Dry eyes, dry eye is it? Today we look at some causes of dry eye symptoms.

Normal eyes will continue to secrete tears, and then blink, make tears evenly coated the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva, the formation of the tear film to keep the eye moist not dry surface of the eye which is to maintain a healthy basis.

Dry eye is due to tears or lacrimal gland function to reduce the decline, resulting in minor injuries of the eye surface disease. The general symptoms are dry eyes, burning feeling, more gum; acid eye, eye itching, photophobia and vision loss.

Prolonged use of a computer or driving, reduce the frequency of blinking, tear film stability was reduced, the likelihood of increased risk of dry eye. In addition, more and more people long in a closed office environment, working air conditioning, air-drying and does not flow, eye moisture evaporates too quickly, it will reduce the secretion of tears, easily lead to dry eye syndrome.

The main symptoms of dry eye syndrome is dry eyes, so the best way to solve is to make the eyes moist, to develop the habit of more than blink, hope that the above description is able to help you.

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