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On the exact cause of Bell's palsy is not known

Updated: Sunday, Jun 13,2010, 5:05:43 PM
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The symptoms of this disease may include:

    * Eye twitch
    * Drooping of eyelid
    * Can not close the eyes, it is important to distinguish symptoms of Bell's palsy from the wind
    * Excessive tearing
    * Drool
    * Impaired speech
    * Impaired taste
    * Dry eyes and / or dry mouth
    * Pain in the jaw, hard of hearing
    * The sensitivity of sound in the ear

On the exact cause of Bell's palsy is not known, such as herpes simplex virus, meningitis, viral infection is suspected. Bell's palsy in connection with the pathogens also cause

Lyme disease.

Because Bell's palsy cases, vary, there is no standard course of treatment. A large number of patients began to recover within two weeks, or without any treatment. For others,

can be effective drug. Recently, doctors use the antiviral drugs, acyclovir, and steroids, prednisone, combination, to improve facial function. Other treatments may include

painkillers, eye drops to keep eyes moist, affected the lid can not be completely closed, facial massage and vitamin therapy.

In general, the prognosis of patients with Bell's palsy is very good. Most will start to get better within a few weeks, fully restored, and in a few months. Some people may need

more time, in a few cases, the symptoms may never completely disappear.

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