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Notes on the prevention of primary glaucoma

Updated: Monday, Nov 21,2011, 11:53:05 AM
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Primary glaucoma is a common eye disease, its rapid progression of the disease to people's normal life and work is a big impact. Therefore, we should strengthen the primary glaucoma prevention measures, early treatment, for a speedy recovery. So, pay attention to primary prevention of glaucoma, what?

Primary glaucoma is a common disease, seven wards the rapid development of harm is very great. If not treated, can lead to blindness, serious harm to the patient's normal life and work. It must be to attract people's attention before they can, to actively prevent primary glaucoma, only the right to do primary prevention of glaucoma, there is a good effect.

1, primary glaucoma patients should maintain good eating habits, no smoking, no drinking. If the original patients will be smoking, drinking, be sure to do quit smoking and alcohol, primary glaucoma patients be sure to quit smoking, because smoking will increase the optic nerve damage. Have drinking habits in patients with primary glaucoma, but also to limit as much as possible a small amount of alcohol.

2, the appropriate drinking water, the treatment of primary glaucoma is also very good. But the water should pay more attention. Many patients with primary glaucoma are such that, had primary glaucoma, should be less water, even if the thirst, but also to limit the drinking water of fact, this idea is wrong, primary glaucoma patients to appropriate water is advantageously, but not one of the large number of drinking water.

3, maintain an optimistic attitude, active treatment. Only maintain a pleasant mood, you can make the intraocular pressure is relatively lower. This long time is reduced the incidence of primary glaucoma, reducing the harm to people. At the same time, but also to regulate the mind, to avoid the adverse factors causing further damage to the optic nerve.

Primary prevention of glaucoma should pay attention to what? Been described in detail above, I believe we already have more understanding. The dangers of primary glaucoma is very large, should strengthen primary glaucoma prevention measures to avoid aggravation of the disease, to patients with more serious consequences.

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