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How to treat trachoma

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 13,2010, 4:09:38 PM
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Treatment of trachoma:

Treatment of trachoma to be patient at present, although some have found the eradication of trachoma virus drugs, but unlike the treatment of acute conjunctivitis, as you can bear fruit within a few days. Required under the guidance of a doctor, insisted on the drops or ointment, and even surgery to scrape a small lump. After a period of treatment, Chlamydia can be cured. Typical symptoms of Chlamydia trachomatis medication showed photophobia, watery eyes, and there are secretions (mucus) discharge, eyes often burning or foreign body feeling kind of uncomfortable. Ophthalmologist examination, early lesions are seen conjunctivas infiltration, papillary hyperplasia and follicle formation, as well as corneal pannus, etc.; late can be seen on conjunctival scarring, diagnosis is not difficult. If you find that children have eyes, itching, shame-ming, hyperemia, tearing, etc. follicular conjunctivitis symptoms, they should consider the possibility of suffering from trachoma.

Experts believe that people diagnosed with chlamydia should be given prompt symptomatic treatment. Otherwise it may affect vision, severe cases can cause blindness. Trachoma is a chronic disease because of late patient conjunctivas will produce scar, easy-to-the formation of entropion and trichiasis, leading to eyelashes touch the eye, friction cornea, causing corneal opacity and traumatic corneal ulcers and blindness. Thus, early prevention and control trachoma right to protect their eyesight has very important significance. The event of trachoma, an ophthalmologist should be under the guidance of trachoma medication, use 0.1% of rifampicin ,10-30% Sulfacetamide Sodium, 0.5% boric acid, aureomycin, or chloramphenicol eye drops eye drops 0.25% per day 4 -6 times, chlortetracycline eye ointment at night can use Apply to the eye, generally 3-6 months of continuous medication may be cured.

An early age to develop good personal hygiene habits are one of the effective prevention of trachoma. Trachoma mainly by Chlamydia trachomatis-containing gum spread through contact means. Therefore, do not hand rubbed my eyes, to help children wash hands frequently, a handkerchief to be dedicated, not to each other and others to use, wash basin, towels, not to mix with others to prevent infection and spread of trachoma.

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