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Eye fatigue is a sign that does not cause actual damage to your computer's eyes

Updated: Sunday, Jun 13,2010, 5:37:52 PM
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Eye fatigue is a sign that does not cause actual damage to your computer's eyes. However, eye fatigue and tiredness, redness or difficulties focus should not be ignored. Eye examination can rule out any underlying disease, to determine whether the need for new glasses prescription. The event of any serious problems, excluded, the following changes may be helpful:

    * The computer screen - to adjust the screen height, tilt your head you're not down, tighten your neck.
    * Lighting - try to adjust the screen and bright lights, kept to a minimum.
    * Rest - periodic rest, relaxation, during which you gently stretch your neck muscles can ease muscle tension. In addition, to avoid any tendency to stare at the screen without blinking, as this may result in dry eyes.

Remember the blink of an eye can help you avoid dry eyes. In addition, you may find that you need when you work on your computer a different prescription. If your work involves a lot of computer work you on the doctor, especially if you usually need bifocals to read.

Tension headaches can develop as frequent breaks can help reduce muscle strain and relieve these problems. For any symptoms, but if persistent headache, see a doctor.
Back pain

Back pain is the most common workplace problems. The Institute of Health Ministry of State Security has the following suggestions can help improve the comfort of computer users:

    * Practice "dynamic sitting" move forward not stay in one place for too long.
    * Adjust the backrest so that you sit at a 90 degree angle. This means that your legs and your body forms a "L" type
    * Get the right seat height. Your feet should be flat on the floor or footstool.
    * Give you back back. Both sides of your lower back and shoulders to keep in touch.
    * Adjust the height of backrest to support the natural waist bend. Use a pillow or towel, if you have to do so.
    * Do not use the handrails to lazy.

Carpal Tunnel

Computer work can lead to repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid problems, the U.S. Academy of Family Physicians recommend that you adjust your chair height so your forearms level with your keyboard, you do not bend your wrist typing. Equally important is to take a break, rest your hand and wrist.

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