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Eye and Sun

Updated: Sunday, Jun 13,2010, 5:40:29 PM
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Eye and Sun


Good sunglasses can help avoid the problem by protecting our eyes. When choosing sunglasses, you should look for labels that explain the glass block UV-A and UV-B. The darkness of the lens is not always a good indication of this ability. In fact, UVA and UVB protection without dark glasses just to expand the pupil to allow more harmful rays, only

When choosing a style, look for a good fit, and make sure you and your family wearing your sunglasses, as far as possible when you bright sunlight outdoors. But do not forget, even the best sunglasses will not protect your eyes if you stare at the sun. This may cause permanent damage to eyes.

To ensure that every family in a protection of their eyes, not just adults. Children, including babies, must wear an edge, to prevent the sun's rays, sunglasses, hat at least 99 percent.

Prevent eye injury
Summer also means more sports and outdoor activities. If someone was hit in the eye, medical professionals should be called if there are signs of ocular trauma.

Signs of injury to the eye may include:

    * Pain
    * Changes in vision
    * Change or eyes white or colored part of the bleeding

Of course, the best defense is prevention. Make sure everyone in the family, their eyes regularly checked. Remember, it is important to you and your family for all types of sports injuries, including your eye injuries prevention.

Ask your doctor or eye shields or goggles the care of experts. You can even consider the use of goggles in the non-sports related activities such as gardening outside. If you use glasses vision correction, contact lenses and regular prescription glasses do not protect the eyes in the sport to play; Because of this, recommend the use of sports participants, especially baseball and racket sports special polycarbonate prescription lenses.

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