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Dacryocystitis and lacrimal gland inflammation What is the difference?

Updated: Friday, Nov 27,2009, 10:31:34 PM
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Dacryocystitis because of trachoma, sinusitis, tuberculosis causes such as nasolacrimal duct obstruction, lacrimal sac where retention and tear caused by secondary bacterial infection. See license often tears and blurred vision, eye burning sensation and so on, with your fingers oppression lacrimal Department, often pus or mucus from the point of outflow of tears. The lacrimal sac in acute dacryocystitis area of skin redness, pain, a few days later purulent perforation, fistula can be left behind. The disease is a Chinese medicine "canthus leakage", "missing eye" and other disease areas. More a result of anger or Firelight strong wind-heat, or lack of kidney yin, virtual fire Yan Er Zhi. The lacrimal gland inflammation from infection, granulomatous disease of unknown cause or benign lymphoepithelial lesion caused by inflammatory swelling of the lacrimal gland. Acute lacrimal gland inflammation may be separately or simultaneously involving the lacrimal gland of the eyelid or orbital Ye Ye. Eyelid leaves showed acute inflammation of orbital pain, eyelid edema was S-shaped curve can be deformed, ear swelling knot before leaching, palpation tenderness when touched one of the tumors, conjunctival congestion and edema, sticky secretions. Course of the disease is usually short-lived, self-ease, but may purulent. Chronic lacrimal gland inflammation in general no pain, lacrimal gland enlargement, there is ptosis, the margin of the orbit outside the reach of a hard mass, eye deviation may be the next inward, upward, outer, when one may have diplopia, but the eyeball prominent rare.

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