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about the symptoms of liver cancer

Updated: Saturday, Aug 14,2010, 5:26:49 PM
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weight loss
Doctors usually define significant weight loss as more than 10% of your body weight - a stone for every 10 stone you weigh. Obviously losing weight doesn't mean you are ill if you are dieting or there is some other reason. But if there is no obvious explanation for your weight loss, you should see your doctor.


Jaundice can occur if the liver isn’t working properly because of cancer or an underlying disease such as cirrhosis. It can also happen if the bile duct becomes blocked by cancer, which causes bile produced by the liver to flow back into the bloodstream. Jaundice makes the skin and the whites of the eyes go yellow and may make the skin very itchy. Other signs of jaundice are dark-coloured urine and pale stools (bowel motions).


People sometimes notice a vague discomfort in the upper abdomen, which may become painful. This is due to enlargement of the liver. Pain can sometimes also be felt in the right shoulder. This is known as referred pain and is due to the enlarged liver stimulating the nerves beneath the diaphragm (the sheet of muscle under the lungs) which are connected to nerves in the right shoulder.

Other symptoms you may have include

    * Loss of appetite over a period of a few weeks
    * Being sick
    * Feeling full or bloated after eating, even after a small meal
    * Itching
    * A sudden worsening of health in somebody with known chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis
    * A high temperature and sweating

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