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What should be attention to after the operation of appendicitis

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 06,2016, 3:56:38 PM
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Appendicitis is one of the more common diseases in our life. It is very rapid, and it can be dangerous if we can not take treatment measures in time. But we all know that once the inflammation of the appendix, as long as the hospital in time to do a surgery should be no problem, there will not be any sequelae. But some people ignore the patient's diet conditioning, that is a small operation is not too concerned about. So you know how to eat after the operation to ensure that the recovery effect is conducive to health?

For patients who have just finished surgery, the first step to restore the health of the body is to get enough nutrition. In particular, the body must be the protein, vitamins and some of the elements to promote wound healing and resistance to restore. In terms of the patient's family, the primary task is to do a good job of nursing care from the diet to adjust and improve. Patients with appendicitis after surgery is generally a day of fasting, to give liquid or semi liquid diet gradually in the fasted nutritional supplements, food with sweet, like Orange Juice and Watermelon Juice can. But if the patient doesn't like sweets, can also be used to feed the fish or pork stew, is also good. Wait until the fifth day can eat some solid diet, you can choose some high calorie and protein intake, is conducive to wound healing, but don't neglect for some essential elements such as vitamin, cellulose, can be more suitable to various collocation body needs, eating too fine will be biased. At the same time, it also note that, not overeating and cold or greasy spicy food stimulation, but also to avoid alcohol harm. In the diet, to regular time, usually three meals a day generally have a fixed time to avoid excessive pressure on the digestive function. These are in patients with appendicitis postoperative need to pay attention to, but also need to understand and follow the nursing staff. Believe that only with a good diet conditioning, patients will be restored to a more thorough, the body's resistance will be enhanced.

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