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What is the cause of pulmonary tuberculosis? How to prevent tuberculosis

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 2:56:17 PM
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The etiology of pulmonary tuberculosis

1, genetic factors, genetic factors can affect the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis, if the family close relatives have history of tuberculosis, the offspring are likely to suffer from tuberculosis.

2, occupation factors, a person engaged in a certain occupation due to long-term inhalation of harmful substances and the lungs some easy to disease, such as chemical industry, industrial dust, nursing work etc..

3, environmental factors, when the living environment is poor, when the floating population more easily, because of inadequate nutritional intake, physical fatigue, cross infection and pulmonary tuberculosis.

4, the psychological and physiological factors, psychological long-term anxiety or depression lead to endocrine disorders, excessive fatigue decreased resistance will become a cause of pulmonary tuberculosis.

5, drug factors, some long-term use of corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs serotonin is likely to suffer from latent tuberculosis.

How to prevent tuberculosis

To prevent the occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis, first of all to control source of infection, pulmonary tuberculosis patients with others isolation treatment, prevent the respiratory TB germs to others.

Active treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients, the elimination of tuberculosis infection from the source. Patients can eat high anti tuberculosis drugs at home or in the hospital, in addition to patients with severe symptoms requiring hospitalization, patients can be treated in isolation in several other.

Tuberculosis TB mainly through respiratory pathways of spread, so patients with daily necessities and respiratory secretions must strictly deal with. Daily necessities were necessarily after exposure, water immersion disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection etc..

Vaccination against tuberculosis vaccine is an important means of prevention, after a single dose of vaccine can be maintained around 10 years, BCG vaccine, parents should bring infants to actively carry out inoculation.

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