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What does the patient of the colon have to eat good?

Updated: Friday, Sep 02,2016, 1:11:04 PM
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What to eat to eat good? For patients with colitis, need attention in the aspect of diet is very much, in addition to Ban spicy greasy food, good medicine and pay attention to nutritional intake, which helps to improve the physique, treatment of colitis is also good, so should treat colitis patients eat those foods to help colitis the?

It is helpful for the treatment of colitis in food 1, food should be easy to digest, soft and less slag, no irritation is appropriate. A small residue of food can reduce the intestinal peristalsis, the diarrhea can be alleviated, eating rotten rice, egg, fine Hanging noodles etc.. Contain more food and fruits and vegetables, eat more vegetables as much as possible to eat less.

Helps to cure the food 2, the course of chronic colitis is long, often repeated attacks, in order to improve the nutritional status and intestinal environment, to give high protein, high calorie diet. Should also be in the supply of vitamins, inorganic salts, trace elements of food, especially vitamin C, vitamin B is iron rich food, to supplement the physical, nourishing the body.

Contribute to the treatment of colitis food 3, eat the food with anti diarrhea effect reduce diarrhea, such as: Purslane, lentils, coix seed, Chinese yam, hawthorn, plum, apple, litchi, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, rice, briers, lotus, ham, chicken, pepper etc.

Helps to cure the food 4, proper control of the treatment of fat. Do not use multi oil food and fried foods in the diet. Cooking less oil by steam, boil for a short, stewed, braised and other methods. Eat lard and tallow, cream, butter, walnut and other fatty foods, so as not to aggravate diarrhea.

Contribute to the treatment of colitis food 5, avoid to produce gas food. Because of recurrent ulcer, colitis, colon mucosa in scar fiber alternately, thus reduces the elasticity of the lining of the colon, if eat beans, beans, sweet potato, sauteed broad beans flatulence food, may cause the gas filling the intestines and the occurrence of acute intestinal perforation and other complications or expansion.

Contribute to the treatment of colitis food 6, avoid raw fruits. The patient is colitis spleen and stomach empty kidney weak, if eat cold food, cold melon, such as food, cold drinks, iced watermelon, pear, orange, orange, banana, tomato, clams, sea cucumber, Lily soup, will further damage the spleen and kidney yang, stomach motor weakness, cold stop inside, at the same time, these foods will increase the lubricating properties, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Contribute to the treatment of colitis food 7, eat milk and seafood. Patients with diarrhea to eat milk, condensed milk, shrimp, fish and so prone to colon allergy, cause diarrhea aggravation. In addition honey and its products have a laxative effect, so it can not eat.

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