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What diseases can cause diarrhea

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 19,2014, 9:03:41 PM
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In addition to gastrointestinal problems , the general cause diarrhea diseases are the following -

Diabetes: diarrhea caused by diabetes and its cause gastrointestinal autonomic neuropathy related. Were intractable diarrhea , intermittent episodes of time for a few days to a few weeks . Intermittent period amounted to weeks to months may , diurnal diarrhea can occur .

Hyperthyroidism : Thyroid Hyperthyroidism patients because intestinal peristalsis fast, poor digestion and absorption and frequent bowel movements or diarrhea occurs , generally mushy stool , with more undigested food .

Hepatocellular carcinoma : clinical diarrhea as the first symptom of liver cancer is not uncommon. Because liver detoxification function decline in patients with liver cancer , intestinal mucosa produce harmful chemicals in the stimulation of intestinal toxins, intestinal mucosal edema degeneration , caused by large amounts of water into the intestine to cause diarrhea .

Colorectal Cancer : When cancer erosions , ulcers, necrosis, can be expressed as diarrhea, bloody stools and tenesmus, especially those tumors in the rectum , mainly as bloody stools , increased frequency of defecation , defecation and tenesmus.

Crohn's disease : age of onset of 20 years old to 40 , mainly in the age of onset is slow, abdominal pain , diarrhea , gradually increase, or watery stool , often without sepsis , mostly intermittent seizures, the latter course was persistent .

Ulcerative colitis : more women than men , may be slow onset , severity of symptoms ranging from diarrhea in inflammation , bowel and intestine increased water and sodium malabsorption due. Light 3 to 4 times daily bowel movements or diarrhea alternating with constipation ; severe frequent defecation , feces , mostly paste, mixed with mucus , pus and blood .

Causes chronic diarrhea , there are many , such as intestinal tuberculosis , intestinal fungal infections, chronic dysentery, drugs. When diarrhea, if the primary disease is more typical performance , then relatively easy to diagnose ; If the primary manifestation of the disease is not typical , it is relatively easy to misdiagnose . Thus , chronic diarrhea can not be taken lightly and should be carefully checked and treated.

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