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What TB eat fruit and good?

Updated: Friday, Nov 13,2009, 1:58:54 PM
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A kind of fruit that people eat everyday supplies, species richness, flavor different. The nutrients in fruits are mainly vitamins and inorganic salts, vitamins to C, carotene mainly inorganic salts of calcium, potassium, magnesium-based. There is also a variety of fruit sugar and a variety of organic acids. The moisture content of fresh fruit rich, non-fat and protein; fresh fruit and processed dried fruits such as raisins, dates, lotus seeds, etc., nuts, eat it regularly are peanuts, walnuts and a variety of melon seeds, nuts, fat, protein, salts and vitamins B1, B2 are very rich in nutrient-rich fruits, apart from outside, but also medicinal. Below are some of the fruit to treat tuberculosis.

1. Pears, Chinese pears that the sweet, slightly acidic, sexual side cool, mainly owned by the lung, stomach two classics, with the lungs heat, Phlegm Reduce Pathogenic Fire, Qingwei diarrhea fever, Yin Sheng Jin, Zishen tonic and Run bowel catharsis and so on. Treatment of tuberculosis caused by cough, expectoration are unique and significant results. The famous "Gao Candy" is a sweet pear-based cough medicines made from raw materials. Pears treated with traditional Chinese medicine prescription cough a lot, just to cite one or two. Amount of fresh pear mash, boil concentrated to residue, add rock sugar paste income, each a spoon warm boiled water, 2 times a day, and even serving on the 3rd; or take a big pear 1, Fritillaria 9 grams (Yan Mo), 30 grams of crystal sugar, pears peeled to the core, adding the remaining two objects placed in a bowl steamed. 1 times per day morning and evening service.

2. Litchi, Chinese medicine, litchi of sweet, acid and temperature, non-toxic, with Shengjinzhike, lungs and phlegm, spleen and stomach, Shugan Qi and nourishing yin and so on. Litchi treatable cervical lymphatic system, method is: Take 30 grams of dried lychee, seaweed 15 grams, 15 grams of seaweed, kelp 10 grams, Shui Jianfu, each l agent, 2 times a day. Chinese medicine, mostly Phlegm cervical lymph node due to network, with this side effect.

3. Sugar cane, sugar cane of sweet Chinese medicine, non-toxic, in the final lung, stomach, kidney, has lungs Yiwei, the role of kidney Sheng Jin. Tuberculosis dry cough, night sweat, zygomatic red, hot flashes and other symptoms who can be used purgation therapy: taking sugar-cane juice lOO grams, 100 grams of white radish juice, lily 60 grams, 15 grams of sweet almonds, the almond Zhulan Lily after the dollar into the first two terms, in their daily saliva before the Dayton clothes, on the 1st of l course of treatment, and continued for 3 to 6 courses.

4. Walnut, Chinese walnut nature of that sweet warm, quality-run non-toxic, in the final lung, stomach, liver, kidney and other classics, with Yifei asthma, Yang Wei to help Namibia, relax bowel, liver and blood transfer, complement kidney and other brain functions. Right lung and kidney tuberculosis, posing a fire in the living, it is desirable walnut 500 grams, 200 grams of fresh Houttuynia were smashed drunk, to honey tone for the pills, 9 grams per pill; one pill every day, 3 times, after meal. Usually a month for a course of treatment, and even serving 4 to 6 months treatment.

5. Oranges, Chinese medicine believe that their sexual sweet, sour and wet. Nontoxic. Orange-deserved lung, stomach, heart, liver and other classics, orange leaves, Ju He, Orange network, etc. can also be medicinal, that they have lungs and cough, appetizers Sheng Jin, spleen to stop diarrhea, Qi Xuan Bi Xie and Shugan Yu and so on. Treatment of breast tuberculosis can be used below: Take green orange leaves, orange peel and green Juhe 15 grams each, to add water as a solvent Shuijianbi rice wine. Day 1, a two-temperature service. And, where appropriate, with the application of anti-TB drugs, to achieve full recovery.

6. Pomegranates, Chinese medicine, pomegranate, flat nature of Sweet acid, Pomegranate husk is astringent temperature, owned by the lung, colon and other classics, with heat and thirst quencher, Yang Wei Sheng Jing, pesticides, etc. Zhi Li, and gallbladder function eyesight. Of tuberculosis patients taking anti-tuberculosis drugs at the same time, it is desirable white Pomegranate 24 grams, 30 grams of Prunella, Houttuynia 36 grams, Shuijianbi. Day one, and even served a few months, for the adjuvant treatment of tuberculosis have a certain effect.

7. Fig, Chinese medicine, of sweet fig-ping, human spleen and large intestine by two. The main role of the spleen to stop diarrhea, bowel addition to fever, expectorant qi, milk and swelling Yi Fei-pass detoxification. Use it to treat cervical lymphatic system. Methods: 30 grams of fresh fig roots, decoction.

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