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The principle of the diet of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 2:49:45 PM
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1, adequate supply of high protein and protein in children with enough heat, per kilogram of body weight 2.5 ~ 4 grams. Heat 100 to 120 thousand cards (per kg body weight per day), to complement consumption.

2, fat intake should not be too high, 1 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight, meat collocation is appropriate, not too fat, so as not to affect the digestion.

3, diet should have rich vitamin and inorganic salt. For lesions calcification, illand rehabilitation.

4, with hemoptysis children, should increase the intake of iron.

5, the long-term fever of children, can eat milk, egg, meat, fish, tofu, protein metabolism of consumption.

6, a large supply of D, including A, C and B vitamins, to enhance the body resistance.

7, pay attention to the supply of dietary fiber, maintain defecate unobstructed. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains.

8, the poor digestive function in children, diet to light and refreshing, diversification as well. The available high protein low oil semi liquid food, in order to improve the patient's appetite and nutrition.

Tuberculosis food choices

Milk, egg, meat, fish, chicken, shrimp, beans, etc.. Eel, fish, turtles, jellyfish, lung, yam, lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, lotus root starch, pear, water chestnuts, Ling, Gorgon fruit, lotus root, cabbage, potato, tomato, carrot, spinach and so on.

Tuberculosis therapeutic side

Tremella soup: Tremella 5 grams, egg 1, 60 grams of crystal sugar, the amount of lard, tremella foaming well cooked rotten, eggs take egg white, add rock sugar and also into the white fungus, stir, clean wok, add a little lard is, daily extenuatory edible.

Fish soup: 500 grams of fresh fish, orange cake 62 grams, 125 grams of crystal sugar, fish scales and orange cake stew into a soup, mixed with sugar, morning and evening meals each serving 10 ~ 20 ml, outlet temperature, warm water delivery service. An agent can take 30 to 40 days. General 3 ~ 4 months effective.

Honey water and stir fry celery: celery root 30 grams, honey 10 ml of water, chopped celery root abluent, fry wok add honey water to eat, 2 to 3 times a day.

Lotus Lily stew meat: Lily and lotus seeds (Qu Xin) each 30 grams, thin pork 200 to 250 grams, wash three things, separates the water stew cooked rotten, salt, MSG transferred service.

Sea cucumber porridge: amount of sea cucumber, 100 grams of rice or glutinous rice. Sea cucumber dip expansion, clean profile, sliced boiled together with rice congee, often edible.

Dangshen Lily lung soup: dangshen 15 grams, Lily 30 grams, 250 grams of lung. Three the amount of water, slow fire boiling, cooked seasonings, drink the soup and eat the pig, taking two times, 1 times a day and even served 15 ~ 20 days.

Barley porridge: 30 grams of rice brown, coix seed 30 grams, 8 red dates, cooked porridge together eat.

Drink beer hops: spend 10 to 12 grams, fried water to drink.

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