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The most typical symptoms of early lung cancer

Updated: Thursday, Dec 03,2009, 4:59:28 PM
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Implicit gradually lung cancer, its early symptoms are not many, and some people even have no detectable, but only occasionally found in the physical examination. Once significant symptoms, often close to the late stage, this time the treatment has been very difficult, and the higher mortality rate of patients. So for lung cancer, is valuable in its diagnosis and early treatment.

The following early symptoms and signs of early diagnosis of lung cancer have some help:

A sudden dry cough, cough for more than two weeks, and the anti-inflammatory treatment is invalid, or chronic cough and sudden nature of the original and changed;

2, a sudden and unbearable chest pain, bloody sputum, but no obvious reasons to explain persons;

3, lung auscultation, there are limitations Wheezing, Di Yin, snoring sound does not change because of cough, persons;

4, repeated somewhere in the lung inflammatory changes occur;

5, can not be used to explain the limitations of ordinary bronchitis, lung markings increase or limitations of emphysema;

6, long-term smoking, coughing, change persons, and bloody sputum.

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