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The harm of high blood pressure

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 04,2014, 7:25:37 PM
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Hazards hypertension

Hazard of hypertension can not be overlooked , if not timely and effective control of blood pressure , heart, brain , kidneys , eyes and large blood vessels and other vital organs will produce serious complications :

① lead to cerebral vascular disease : high blood pressure caused by cerebrovascular disease mainly cerebral hemorrhage, hypertensive encephalopathy and lacunar infarction.

② cause kidney disease include: renal arteriosclerosis , can occur in severe renal dysfunction and uremia , requiring dialysis treatment.

③ cause ventricular hypertrophy and heart failure : cardiac stress can aggravate hypertension , left ventricular hypertrophy occur , enlargement of the heart , leading to heart failure and severe arrhythmia , and even sudden death.

④ lead to coronary heart disease : blood pressure continues to rise will lead to coronary atherosclerosis , coronary heart disease, usually manifested angina, myocardial infarction, or sudden death .

⑤ retinal diseases : hypertension early can lead to retinal artery spasm , late oozing and bleeding can cause the retina , even blindness.

⑥ aortic dissection : Since high blood pressure leads to increased pressure in the aorta , the aortic intima cracks appear , break into the intima of blood from the hematoma formation , hematoma once broken most of the patients immediately sudden death.

Classification of hypertension

Hypertension in clinical divided into primary hypertension and secondary hypertension , hypertension of unknown etiology , usually genetic and environmental factors. Secondary hypertension is the blood pressure is determined by a certain cause or causes of a disease increased . Secondary hypertension is the first treatment of the primary disease, in order to effectively control the increase in blood pressure can be cured or improved by surgery.

Note antihypertensive drugs

Choose a smooth and effective long-acting antihypertensive drugs , blood pressure standards, and taking a long-term or even lifelong ; regular monitoring of blood pressure and under the guidance of a doctor to adjust medication ; avoid over-reliance on drugs, pay attention to the behavior of living adjustment ; avoid too much attention to the side effects of the drug are not dare medication or unauthorized withdrawal ; do not blindly believe advertising.

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