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The cause of gastric ulcer and pathological

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 26,2010, 3:43:02 PM
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Peptic ulcer is the acid - pepsin secretion and protection functions sticky feeling out of balance, stomach acid and pepsin erosion occurs sticky feeling and inflammatory ulcer (round or oval), which is generated factors and prostaglandins, and most peptic ulcer patients with Helicobacter pylori gastric antrum sticky feeling exists.

Peptic ulcer caused by at least the following two kinds of factors: a variety of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit prostaglandin production, damage the stomach sticky feeling; gastric acid secretion of excessive corrosion of gastrointestinal sticky touch.

Of life caused by the real cause of gastric ulcer is unknown. But at least the following factors: genetic factors, mental stress, irregular diet, smoking, drugs, environment, etc..

Of people suffering from peptic ulcer, men significantly more than females, there may be one-tenth of one-fifth of men and women, sometimes suffering from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. However, there was a downward trend in recent years for unknown reasons. Women seem predisposed not easy to duodenal ulcer. But they will suffer more in 20-50 years old, the prevalence of duodenal ulcer earlier age, with an average of 30 years, the incidence of gastric ulcer later age, mostly in 40 years.

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