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Teach you how to effectively reduce blood lipids

Updated: Sunday, Jan 10,2016, 3:24:53 PM
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According to the statistics show that for every 10 percent increase in the body weight, per 100 milliliters of blood in blood cholesterol levels will be increased to 12 mg; the systolic blood pressure will rise by an average of 6. 5 mm Hg, this also means that risk of cardiovascular disease increases the risk of. But according to the experience of Taiwan Mackay weight control class, many students after successful weight loss, blood cholesterol is followed by weight declined. Therefore, for patients with high cholesterol, weight loss is often a very important part of the treatment. Modern people eating too much refined and greasy, fat in the diet for the ratio of far more than nutritionists recommend three as the following, and per gram of fat can produce 9000 kcal of heat, is twice the protein and carbohydrate, come down for a long time, inevitably not more than a few pounds of fat, even the blood cholesterol followed increased. The most terrible is the people often eat many high fat, especially saturated fatty acid diet without knowing it, like fast food shop selling fried chicken, French fries, mostly cooked in butter, eat the food also uptake relative to the saturated fatty acid in the oil; also many women favorite bakery foods like egg, egg yolk crisp, mung bean cakes, moon cakes and other, tastes fragrant and crisp may not feel oil, but the pastry is saturated fat such as lard made, will result in high blood cholesterol and obesity.

In fact, after the adjustment and control of the diet, not only can reduce weight, but also can reduce blood cholesterol. As is now the weather is getting hotter, just can choose some lighter, cooking methods, such as steamed, boiled, cold and other way, summer tastes refreshing is not greasy, and can reduce oil uptake. Or choose containing unsaturated fatty acid high levels of fats and oils, such as olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil. For example: with olive oil and fruit vinegar Salad salad is summer a good choice.

And butter, lard, fatty acids, which are rich in saturated fatty acids, it is best to avoid. Wants to lose weight and control cholesterol levels in the blood, in addition to the selection of grease, but also the best multi with intake of high fiber fruits and vegetables, favorable oil discharge and metabolism, if it can be supplemented with the appropriate amount of exercise, want to take advantage of the summer to lose weight and reduce blood lipids should is to find a graceful figure and health the best chance.

Three steps, step by step to adjust blood lipid

Step 1: start eating

Simple diet changes will be able to reduce the cholesterol by 20%. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables can be ingested a large number of soluble fiber. The United States Federation of food and diet report noted that the more dietary fiber intake, the more significant cholesterol levels. Oat is the best diet to reduce the total cholesterol in serum.

Fish are rich in the protection of the heart of high quality fat, so eat more. Stop consuming artificial butter and hydrogenated vegetable oil, which will not only increase the low density cholesterol, but also reduce the high density of cholesterol.

Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids, eat only 1 eggs a day. At the same time, avoid food containing oxidized cholesterol and trans fatty acids in food, such as shops selling baked food, potato chips, cookies, coffee mate and pastries and other.

In addition, eat 2 of the size of a carrot a day, can at least 21 days to make your cholesterol decreased by 50%.

The second step: Nutrition Supplement

Studies have confirmed that daily intake of 1.5 grams of vitamin B3 can increase the high density cholesterol by 33%, but this does not apply to patients with liver disease and diabetes. High cholesterol patients need to be under the guidance of doctors, and gradually increase the amount taken, and in the regular use of vitamin B3, every 3 to 6 months to check the level of liver enzymes and cholesterol.

Plant sterols are natural fat star, food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and soy products contain plant sterols. Research shows that daily add 1 - 2 grams of plant sterols in the normal diet, can reduce LDL cholesterol. Increase the intake of plant sterols can reduce the absorption of 1/2 on human LDL cholesterol 1/4.

The third step: change the way of life

Healthy lifestyle can make your blood flow more smoothly, the heart beat more powerful. Starting an exercise program, even if it's just a simple walk, stop smoking, drink less caffeine beverage and wine, because they will cause the body to increase in triglycerides.

The most important is, do not eat breakfast. The domestic survey of a nutrition agency in North America shows that people who eat whole grains for breakfast have the lowest cholesterol levels, even those who eat high cholesterol food, they have lower cholesterol levels than those who don't eat breakfast.

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