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TCM understanding of erosive gastritis

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 22,2009, 11:30:26 AM
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In the gastric pit and the surface of the lamina propria mucosa, epithelial cell degeneration, epithelial hyperplasia and the inherent pit membrane cell infiltration, causing mucosal hyperemia, edema, exudation. Mainly in the antrum, and sometimes a small amount of erosion and bleeding, some patients have more erosion in the antrum lesions, or with warts Zhuang raised, saying that chronic erosive or verrucous gastritis.

Atrophic gastritis, inflammation of the lamina propria mucosa in depth, resulting in the inherent gland atrophy, so that thin mucous layer and mucous membrane folds flat, or even disappear, often accompanied by intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia.

Pyloric sphincter dysfunction in some patients, so that duodenal contents reflux Abdominal, because the contents with bile reflux, which leads to bile reflux gastritis.

Multi merge with chronic gastritis or chronic ulcerative colitis, gallstones.

Chinese medicine knowledge

Spleen and stomach weakness of its internal factors, diet section, hurt by emotional, work and rest over for its predisposing factors.

Diet section, no Ji Zhi-based, air-Yu suppressed; Concerned angry, liver failure Shuxie, wrist stomach qi stagnation; Haoshang excessive consumption of qi and blood is hard work, excessive air-comfort is uncomfortable.

Su empty stomach, combined with the above factors caused by poor qi, Yu Zhi Weiwanxiashu, lifting disorders are the basic pathogenesis of this disease.

Symptoms Syndrome

Most no obvious symptoms of chronic gastritis, some patients with upper abdominal fullness discomfort, Weiwanxiashu pain, loud belching, anorexia and nausea. Gastritis, gastric body shows a general loss of appetite, weight loss, or with anemia; antral gastritis or with gallstones, especially the higher number of bile reflux, can cause acute erosive and apparent pain, noisy, hot and so serious, there may be little the amount of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, such as vomiting, melena and so on.

Chronic gastritis in Chinese medicine books, mostly stomach pain, fullness, belching, noisy areas such as. After many years of research, I infer a weak stomach, look askance virtual Ji Zhi, Wei Qi Shang Ni, hepatogastric syndrome types do not, and so on can be combined liver and gallbladder Huo-sheng, intestines and other internal organs hot and humid.

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