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TCM treatment of IgA nephropathy

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 2:30:21 PM
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iga nephropathy of primary glomerular disease. Iga nephropathy during the course of treatment, conventional Western medicine with hormones, immunosuppressive agents such as treatment, can be IgA nephropathy in patients with symptoms of urinary protein clearance, but this law and can not damage kidney function improvement. More and more inclined to Chinese medicine treatment treatment of IgA nephropathy. Chinese medicine treatment iga nephropathy has been recognized most of them, traditional Chinese medicine has played a kidney disease treatment a permanent cure. On TCM treatment of IgA nephropathy, the many roles with the following effect --

1, Qingreliangxue: IgA nephropathy Fanzhu exogenous wind-heat who showed aversion to cold light fever weight, throat sore throat, or cough, or stuffy nose thirst hi drink, gross hematuria, mamillata moss thin, floating pulse number, should Shufeng Xuan dispersed Qingreliangxue, square silver Pu Xuan Mai Gan Jie Tang (Yin-hua, dandelion, Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon japonicus, raw licorice, Campanulaceae); is the Heart Sutra sung by heat, Zheng Jian mind Fanre, sore tongue, thirst-hi drink, gross hematuria, voiding a slight burning sensation, redness of the tongue fur is thin, pulse breakdown, should Qingxin Yin, Qingreliangxue square red powder flavored with lead (habitat, light bamboo, talc, licorice root tip, Tung grass, madder, Huang Qin, Motherwort, Rhizoma Imperatae); the liver Huo-wang persons, Zheng Jian headache Mu Chi, Xie Tong mouth pain, irritability irritability, gross hematuria, urinary red constipation, mamillata moss thin yellow, pulse String big, should Liver Xiehuo, Qingreliangxue, square with the addition and subtraction Long Dan Xie Gan (gentian, Huang Qin, gardenia, habitat, Alisma, Plantago, talc, raw licorice, madder, Motherwort, Rhizoma Imperatae).

2, Zishen Kiyotoshi: Yin heat, forcing the blood Wang Xing, Zheng Jian waist pain, hand, foot and heart fever, throat, thirsty hi cool drink, constipation, urine red, mamillata little moss, pulse a breakdown Expelling Zishen Qing Li, Fang Zhi Bo Di Huang Tonga with taste (Anemarrhena, cork, habitat, cornus, Chinese yam, paeonol, Poria, Alisma, madder, size thistle, Shi Wei, Motherwort, Rhizoma Imperatae).

3, Qi spleen: Spleen qi is weak, gas-intake blood recipients are not advised to Spleen Qi, a square with Bu Zhong Yi Qi Decoction (Codonopsis, raw Astragalus, Atractylodes, Chinese angelica, licorice, dried tangerine peel, Cimicifuga, Chai Hu, Siphonostegia).

4, promoting blood circulation: General hematuria were bleeding. If blood stasis signs are not significant and generally in the Qingreliangxue, nourishing Yin Qing Li Fang increase blood circulation of the blood-cooling drugs, you can make hematuria disappeared. Stasis signs were visible, you can stimulate blood circulation and conquer, with Xuefuzhuyu Decoction (Chai Hu, citrus aurantium, red peony, licorice, angelica, Chuanxiong, habitat, peach kernel, safflower, Achyranthes, raw oriental arborvitae leaves, verbena, Motherwort, Rhizoma Imperatae).

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