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Symptoms of urinary stones in children

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 09,2009, 5:10:53 PM
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1. Hematuria: blood in urine exceeded the normal amount is called hematuria. If the 1000 milliliters of urine with 1 ml of blood, blood or urine the naked eye looks watery wash the meat, which is called gross hematuria. In the urine routine examination, such as when a high power field under the microscope in the red blood cells more than 5, or 12-hour urine red blood cell count of more than 1 million Aidi, while the naked eye can not detect microscopic hematuria were referred to. Common in all kinds of nephritis, urinary tract infections, hemorrhagic cystitis, urinary stones, renal tuberculosis, kidney cancer, kidney and urinary tract damage and so on. Urinary stones can directly damage the kidney, urinary tract causing bleeding and other organizations may also be due to infection caused by tissue damage, causing bleeding. Is characterized by hematuria and renal colic, or interrupted urination, difficulty urinating, painful urination and other symptoms.

2. Temporary anuria: a 24-hour urine output less than 30-50 ml or within 24 hours, those who complete anuria. No further row of urine, known as urine retention. Urinary stones can lead to urinary tract obstruction, making the urine accumulate in the obstruction of the upper zone can not be discharged.

3. Uric when crying or effortlessly: Urinary stone damage to the organization as well as obstructive urinary tract, or infection, often waist intense abdominal pain, urinary uric stones blocking position when the urine accumulation in the expansion, to stimulate the site, or the upper urinary tract calculi in the exclusion process is blocked or stay in the next urinary tract, in the urine when the pain caused by stimulation of the area, the children will be crying when uric or strenuous.

However, parents need not worry too much, if the children are too little water intake or excessive loss of moisture, or the normal uric there is the phenomenon of crying, they are not necessarily urinary tract stones. There are different when you see a child crying, or urinary uric fewer phenomena such as urine, parents should be carefully observed, if the discovery of hematuria, we should suspect the possibility of kidney stones because of hematuria and pain is often the first symptom of kidney stones, hematuria may be self - disappeared, can also be repeated; children who show a temporary anuria, mainly reflecting the existence of the upper urinary tract stones (including kidney stones and ureteral stones), and has developed obstruction, once the obstruction removed, that is excreted in the urine; if the child occurs when uric not the same as with the usual crying or struggling, suggesting that lower urinary tract stones (bladder stones, urinary tract stones) possible.

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