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Symptoms of pyloric obstruction

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 23,2009, 4:46:18 PM
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(1), abdominal pain and fullness feeling:

Pyloric obstruction occurs after eating more, into the night even worse, heating with a foul smell. Often in the postprandial abdominal pain increased, with the emergence of the stomach to stay Lu, becomes diffuse abdominal pain or fullness discomfort.

(2) vomiting:

For the most prominent symptoms of pyloric obstruction, vomiting, mostly occurs in the afternoon and evening, more severe degree of obstruction, the more episodes of vomiting. Vomit contains Sushi, also known as overnight food, so it is sour smell. The patient was vomiting after the symptoms reduce or completely disappeared, so hi self-induced vomiting.

(3) abdominal bulge:

As the stomach emptying, stomach contents excessive retention, leading to the stomach in the expansion. Therefore, a considerable number of patients with hemispherical bulge can be seen that the expansion of the stomach-type profile.

(4) peristaltic wave and the shock of water by:

Stomach contents through the pylorus due to difficulties, stomach muscles strong contraction, and sometimes visible gastric peristaltic waves, peristaltic waves from left to right, toward pyloric direction, stop there. In the fasting and gently with the hand on the waist double-commission, and then left shaking can hear the sound vibration of the water the stomach. Generally normal in the fasting is no sound vibration of water, while about 2 / 3 of patients with pyloric stenosis may have a clear sound vibration of water, which suggests the accumulation of fluid over the stomach, emptying poor.

(5) Dehydration sign:

Because too much can cause vomiting in patients with malnutrition and dehydration, the patient showed dry skin, elasticity is poor, emaciated and weak face.

(6) alkalosis:

Because patients with frequent vomiting, loss of large amounts of water and electrolytes, and thus causing dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, caused by alkalosis. Sometimes, there may be limb convulsion, lethargy, muscle weakness, tendon reflexes, resulting in a coma.

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