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Stomach cancer patients to eat it right

Updated: Friday, Jul 15,2016, 2:23:47 PM
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In order to accelerate the repair of cells, cancer patients diet must increase protein intake, only effort to fight disease! However, the common high protein foods such as milk and soy milk made from soy milk, but also the production of gas, the stomach of gastric cancer patients are still retained, in the end can not eat? The nutrition of these diets can still be eaten, but it is necessary to start with a small amount to try to see the tolerance of the cancer patients, the. In addition, it is recommended that the cancer can also be a moderate increase in the nuts and Omega-3 fatty acids, increase the intake of healthy fats.

High calorie and high protein to prevent cancer cachexia

In the treatment of cancer, many of the friends of cancer will be due to loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, oral ulcers and other side effects, resulting in malnutrition, weight loss, lack of physical strength and so on cancer cachexia syndrome, some friends of the cancer and even died of cachexia, rather than the tumor itself. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the principles of "high calorie, high protein" in the diet, so as to avoid the effect of nutrition deficiency.

Glucose adverse cancer? Select low GI diet

Want to eat enough calories, it must be balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, these three nutrients. However, many cancer friends are worried that glucose is the food of cancer cells, so dare not eat noodles and other foods. Taiwan cancer foundation, said Joyce Cheng, a medical, there is no medical.

However, if you are worried about having too much glucose will cause harm, it is recommended can choose to rise and low glycemic index (GI) of starch, like brown rice, rice and other grains, it is recommended gastric cancer friends may depend on the individual tolerance of discretionary intake, and reduce desserts, baked food, beverage and other refined sugar intake, insulin to maintain constant and balanced diet food.

Small amount of milk Soybean Milk flatulence gradually try to fear

As for the protein, the main effect is to promote cell repair and maintenance of physical strength, especially in the course of chemotherapy more adequate intake. In general, it is recommended that you select an egg (steamed egg, egg flower), milk, fish, meat, soy products (such as tofu, soy milk) and other food, to supplement the quality of protein. However, milk and soy milk is a gas producing foods, the burden on patients with gastric cancer larger, eat too much may cause flatulence, abdominal pain.

However, the Joyce nutritionist said that gastric cancer friends can uptake of these diets, with emphasis on smaller meals (a day to eat five to six meals), and each time starting from a small amount to, identify patients who can accept, and a gradual increase in weight. For example, soy milk can start from a half cup, if not feel unwell, the next time you can add to a cup.

Worry about cholesterol? Eat two proteins per day

Want to easily add protein, egg is a very good food, it is recommended to eat a friend of cancer every day to eat an egg. However, many cancer friends also have high cholesterol problems, so dare not eat egg yolk. Joyce Cheng, a nutrition, said the two eggs of the protein is about equal to a whole egg nutrition, so the cancer can also choose to eat two servings of protein per day, the same can add protein.

High fat diet to slow the loss of appetite appetite

As for the oil, many cancer survivors as grease for the enemy, that eating more light the better. Of course, if excessive intake of red meat and high fat meat, will allow the cells to soak in saturated fatty acids, is not conducive to disease control. Moreover, if the meal is too greasy, will increase the stomach digestion time, but lead to cancer survivors have no appetite.

Healthy fats and oils and fats and oils

However, moderate oil is essential for cancer patients, the focus is on the choice of healthy oils and fats. Cancer friends every day can ingest a nut (about 7 to 8), containing cashew nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, walnut (due to larger, 2 grains of walnut is equivalent to a nut), in addition to the intake of unsaturated fatty acids also can eat into alpha linolenic acid, vitamin B group and vitamin E and is rich in minerals.

Also Joyce nutritionists recommend that, when cooking can choose vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, olive oil is suitable for cold or cold fried), usually can eat more rich in omega-3 fatty acids of fish, such as salmon, mackerel, help fight inflammation and enhance the immunity.

If you can't get enough fish oil from fresh fish, you can also choose a fish oil product. If you are worried about the fish has heavy metal residues, you can choose to extract from small fish oil. In addition, flax seed oil is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is also one of the choice of cancer friends.

Edible to stem vegetables add soft and tender fruit

In addition to the intake of adequate heat, cancer friends also don't forget eating enough fruits and vegetables, will help improve constipation, but also added that can regulate the immunity of phytochemicals. Gastric cancer patients due to bad stomach function, it is best to avoid coarse fiber fruits such as pineapple, eat vegetables will stem removal, eat only a portion of a tender leaves, fruit can choose the soft texture of the bananas, grapes, peaches, oranges, kiwi fruit, such as apple, easy digestion and increase appetite.

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