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Slow renal failure sex life

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 3:19:26 PM
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Chronic renal failure is a serious health hazard of disease, but damage to various body systems. Regardless of the treatment period or after the treatment has a significant effect on sexual life.

Decreased sexual function caused by chronic renal failure, decreased sexual functioning of the relevant factors are: ① physiological disorders: chronic renal failure patients often have anemia, hypertension, elevated creatinine and urea-induced nausea and vomiting, poor myocardial function, These factors can cause sexual dysfunction. ② hormone metabolic disorders: Female severe renal insufficiency, often show a lack of symptoms of estrogen, such as amenorrhea, month after less infertility, breast atrophy, atrophic vaginitis, vaginal lubrication is reduced and so on; male patients serum testosterone levels were significantly down, only the equivalent of a normal 1 / 2. Some patients had hypothyroidism, showing low sexual desire and impotence. ③ neural factors: the impact of toxic substances due to uremia, causing nervous system degeneration and dysfunction, nerve conduction velocity slowing, neuromodulator dysfunction. Changes in the nervous system spread to the pelvic autonomic nerves, so there are sexual dysfunction. ④ associated with disease and drug factors: chronic renal failure caused some of the disease, its effects on sexual function and kidney damage in itself has nothing to do, such as diabetes, high blood pressure. However, with the treatment of disease, and some can affect sexual function, blood pressure drugs and sometimes 3 ~ 4 kinds of useful, often inhibit sexual desire, leading to impotence. ⑤ psychological factors: uremia is a serious life-threatening disease, the patient due to depression, depression, anxiety, fear, and the heavy financial burden, leading to loss of libido and sexual dysfunction; ⑥ impact of traditional values: "Lord of kidney , "" sex life will affect the kidney "in people's lives has become a concept, so some of the patients self-ban sex life.

Barriers to sexual life in patients with chronic renal insufficiency, renal insufficiency regardless of period, period of dialysis or kidney transplantation, the quality of their sex lives are not satisfactory. Compared with the pre-illness, 90% of male patients and 80% of female patients have occurred in libido; 80% of male patients after the penis can not erect or erect state can not maintain an erection. Male patients significantly decreased ability to control ejaculation, ejaculation time in advance, to feelings of poor self-orgasm. Female patients about 3 / 4 hard to arouse sexual excitement, most female patients have the secondary orgasmic disorder, manifested in the frequency of sexual climax or intensity decreased significantly, or even completely disappear.

Uremic patients with hemodialysis is a treatment, can be partially corrected with uremia, and extend the lives of patients, but not to improve their sexual function. After a successful renal transplantation, women's sexual satisfaction has increased, some of them easy to reach orgasm. But the male patient's sexual life is not optimistic, there is still the vast majority of impotence, erection will not be strong, difficult to maintain an erection and control ejaculation difficulties. Therefore, in patients with chronic renal insufficiency sexual life problems, mainly to provide advisory services, counseling patients, and enhance the confidence of their lives, to patients with spiritual comfort and encouragement.

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