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Six measures to improve nutritional status of cancer patients

Updated: Friday, Jul 15,2016, 2:25:41 PM
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Diet and cancer have a complicated relationship, many cancer occurs with the patient's own diet has a great relationship, and once you eat right, but it can play anti-cancer effect. Therefore, for those patients with cancer, in addition to chemotherapy, taking anti-cancer drugs, but also pay attention to diet conditioning.

Generally, various cancers, for internal heat due to yin deficiency, so in the diet conditioning should be food bogey pungent and hot property, stagnant greasy food also advocates eat; in the mid and late cancer of many deficiency, cold syndrome, diet advocated warming and invigorating the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and blood, food, sex is cold cool food, should eat less or do not eat. Different types of cancer, the diet taboo is also different, but taboos should be properly, can not be blindly taboos caused by bad nutrition affects the disease rehabilitation. In fact, the main problem of cancer patients is nutritional disorders, improve the patient's nutrition is the most important measures in cancer treatment:

1, should be fresh, easy to digest and absorb the protein food, such as milk, eggs, fish, soy products, etc., can improve the body's anti-cancer ability. Which milk and eggs can improve protein disorder after radiotherapy.

2. Eat a certain anti-cancer food, such as carrots, tomatoes, black Chinese wolfberry, asparagus, beans, mushrooms, sea cucumber, saury,.

3, eat the right amount of sugar, add energy. High dose radiotherapy patients and glucose metabolism in the body will be destroyed, and insulin function will also damaged, making the glycogen in the sharp decline, increased lactic acid in the blood, can no longer use. Therefore, it is necessary to add the appropriate glucose.

4, different types of different food. Lung cancer patients can be selected as appropriate, teal, lung and other; gastric cancer patients with deficiency of the spleen and stomach damp heat edible Plantago Jen, lotus seeds, beans, etc.; hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with jaundice edible snails, carp soup

5, you can eat some cordyceps. The study found that Cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin can effectively phagocytose tumour cells, the effect is 4 times that of selenium, but also enhance the ability of erythrocytes adhering to tumor cells, play a role in preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis of the tumor chemotherapy during and after cancer surgery.

6, eat more vitamin rich foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.. Vitamin A and C have to prevent malignant transformation and proliferation of cells, increase the stability of epithelial cell, vitamin C can also prevent the general symptom of radiation damage, and can increase the level of white blood cell; vitamin B1 can promote the patient appetite, reduce radiotherapy induced symptoms.

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