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Six Precautions of Away from heart disease

Updated: Sunday, Mar 16,2014, 9:33:57 PM
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With the accelerated pace of life in modern society , with a large load on the heart changes , increased risk of heart disease . We usually do for heart disease protection work , the following list of six experts for your attention, let you know how from invasive heart disease.

Away from the heart of the six considerations :

1 , to develop a good habit of exercise , but exercise in moderation .

2 , make sure the weight is not too heavy , nor too light .

3 , smoking and drinking : men , the incidence of smokers ages 30 to 50 between 3 times higher than non-smokers , but smoking is likely to cause angina and sudden death. Experiments show that ethanol is very toxic to the heart .

4 , we should try to improve the living environment around . Inducing factors for heart disease , have two environmental pollution and noise intensity . Therefore, we should treat the environment around us , reduce noise , protect the green .

5 , as little as possible to go to crowded places . Heart disease are associated with a variety of viral infections , crowded places , the probability of infection is much higher .

6 , to maintain a reasonable diet : today many of them are high cholesterol, high blood sugar , weight obesity, which are likely to lead to heart disease , so people should be reasonable diet , so that low-calorie, low-cholesterol and low-fat .

In addition, the heart must be kept away from a regular habits . Experts advise that we should develop a good habit of exercise , maintaining body weight, quit drinking , improve the surrounding environment, to maintain good eating habits to help us from heart disease.

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