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Pulmonary tuberculosis Qigong therapy and diet guidance

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 2:48:25 PM
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Introduction of Qigong therapy:

Cross legs to sit, feet in the middle part of the thigh, his hands Qingwo (left to right) under the stomach before; head and neck upright, eyes and mouth slightly closed, tongue against the palate, shoulders, chest, abdomen relaxed.

Specific training:

At the beginning of the healing period of therapy should closely cooperate with thoughts, with their own mind activities gradually the breathing exercise is deep, soft, slow, uniform and turns the spirit back to accompany. In exercising in a high concentration of spirit, excluding all other thoughts, using Mind Meditation body pubic region and Yongquan, can also choose other points. When practicing, the gas slowly led to the pubic region, pause. Then the abdomen bulge, inhale, then slowly exhaled gas, with the idea of making muscle contraction and relaxation, slow inward concave abdomen. A total of 2~3 group, 8~10 group exercises, intermittent 1~1.5 minutes.


Before exercising, relieve, pee, dress comfortable, loosening belt and collar; exercising should be adhere to the intended to keep the idea of parts of the body, taboo hallucinations; acrobatics, slowly opened his eyes, his hands rub heat cheek, followed by a slow start, relax slowly walking.

Diet guidance:

Mainly in order to adapt to the diet of the patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. To guide the patient to increase nutrition, eat rich in animal protein of chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits, high quality animal protein food for eating protein 50%. A reasonable diet can not only ensure the need of rehabilitation in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, and to avoid excessive intake of nutrients, increase the burden of liver. Due to the side effects of anti tuberculosis drugs in patients with drug-induced liver disease, the guide should avoid eating high calorie foods, such as fried, fried food and chocolate, to prevent fatty degeneration of the liver, liver cells repair obstruction. Eat less of the patients were given intravenous supplement of albumin, liver, amino acids, glucose and vitamin.

Spinach is a nutrient rich vegetables, is human health friend, but pulmonary tuberculosis patients but not eat spinach. The reason is that spinach is rich in oxalic acid. According to the determination of content of 360 milligrams per 100 grams of oxalic acid in spinach. With oxalic acid into the human body, extremely easy with calcium to form insoluble calcium oxalate, can not be absorbed, resulting in calcium deficiency in the human body, thereby delaying Bingti recovered.

Therefore, TB patients should eat or not eat spinach. Unless eat not, first spinach boiled in hot water, make part of the oxalic acid dissolved in water, then remove and eat, so that the body can reduce the intake of oxalic acid.

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