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Prevention and self health care of chronic colitis

Updated: Friday, Sep 02,2016, 1:42:33 PM
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Chronic colitis is a kind of inflammatory process confined to the mucosa of the colon and the lower layer of the mucosa. The disease is located in the sigmoid colon and rectum, which can be extended to the descending colon, or even the entire colon. Pathological long, often repeated attacks. Chronic colitis is a disease in the world, but it is more common in western countries.

In the prevention of the disease should be actively carried out aerobic exercise to improve their immunity

The self health care of chronic colitis is the key to prevent recurrence and cure the disease.

1, pay attention to warm the stomach, to avoid the cold, emotional control, diet is a very important aspect. The disease remission can not eat beans and bean products, in the episode, wheat and flour products, and garlic, leek, dasheen, preserved egg, cabbage, peanuts, melon seeds and so easy to produce gas food. Because once eating, gastrointestinal tract gas increase, gastrointestinal motility is affected, you can induce the disease, and even aggravate the symptoms.

2, patients with chronic colitis should also closely observe their adaptability to a variety of food, pay attention to individual differences. If you eat some of the food does not affect the impact of the intestinal diarrhea, it is to find out the reasons for the law, try not to eat after.

3, patients with chronic colitis are weak, poor resistance. The gastrointestinal tract especially susceptible to infection, so we should pay more attention to food hygiene, do not eat cold, hard and bad food, alcohol and spicy spicy condiment strong.

4, persimmon, pomegranate, apple contains tannin and pectin components have convergence antidiarrheal effect, chronic colitis can be eaten in moderation.

5, patients usually should strengthen the exercise, such as playing Tai Chi, strong waist strong kidney, enhance physical.

6, the supply of adequate heat, protein, inorganic salt and vitamins, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of malnutrition, low protein blood disease, in order to increase the physical fitness, to ease the disease.

7, should avoid irritation and more fiber foods, such as pepper, mustard and other spicy food, and sweet potato, radish, celery and other food residue. At the onset of the disease, should not eat raw fruits and vegetables, with a pungent onion, ginger, garlic and other spices. The knife should be fine, with a large piece of meat cooking not, often with meat, pork, shredded meat, minced meat and steamed custards, Boiled Egg etc.. Try to limit the food fiber, such as Chinese and Chinese cabbage, radish, celery, etc..

8, diarrhea should not eat oily food and fried food, cooking various dishes should be less oil, and often by steaming, boiling, stewing, diving, stew, etc. the main method of water. Available, Black Tea focus gruel soup convergence drinks, snacks should be smaller meals, increase nutrition.

In the diet of patients and their families should observe the condition, pay attention to what food for patients with good effect, discomfort or allergic reactions in patients after eating what food, should summarize the experience, continue to explore for the patient's diet. In the period of disease, because they can not eat vegetables, fruits, should pay attention to the amount of vitamin supplements, to ensure the body's demand for vitamins.


In addition: some patients with digestive tract disease can not drink milk, milk can promote gastric acid secretion, thereby aggravating and induced digestive tract diseases. Therefore, patients with ulcerative colitis, reflux esophagitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and the implementation of the whole stomach after the operation of the patients, it is best not to drink milk.

9, pay more attention to rest, eat soft, easy to digest the rich nutrition diet, to add a variety of vitamins. Severe anemia can be blood transfusion, severe diarrhea should be fluid, to correct electrolyte disorder.

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