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Overview pharyngitis cough

Updated: Wednesday, May 05,2010, 3:53:55 PM
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Pharyngitis, cough is irritating cough, no sputum or less phlegm, older children can swallow in conscious thing, spit of no, no less than pharynx, itchy throat cough before, there are significant foreign body irritation, then paroxysmal cough, to early morning or at night before bed is heavy, whenever a common cold, sicker, usually issued by the throat often, "Ken Ken" sound or showed a single Kesheng. In the acute attack, each due to severe nausea and vomiting caused by coughing, which is to stimulate the vomiting reflex pharyngeal nerve there. At this point He Koushui will temporarily ease.

For the treatment of chronic pharyngitis no special treatment, usually available Sterculia lychnophora, Polygonatum, Radix, Radix, Fruit, jade butterfly, moderate flooding when the tea has a certain effect. In the acute phase of antibiotics, plus taking Chinese herbs, such as grass tablets coral, watermelon frost lozenges, throat throat gold treasure, so Liushen with, or the use of pediatric pharyngeal flat granules, Wong sound Pill, with some cough medicine , can be cured or eased. Diet must be light, Wu Shi spicy, greasy food.

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