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Updated: Friday, Mar 27,2009, 11:22:06 AM
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Causes, incidence and risk factors
May this first appear without symptoms between 30 and 40 years and is present in almost everyone by age 70. Symptoms usually appear in middle age. Before age 55 it also occurs in both sexes. However, after 55 the incidence is higher among women.
For most people, the cause of osteoarthritis is unknown, but metabolic, genetic, chemical, and mechanical factors play a role in its development. It is associated with the aging process and is the most common form of arthritis.
The cartilage of the joint is roughened and becomes worn. As the disease progresses, the cartilage is completely worn out and bone rubs on bone. Bony usually grows around the joint.

Systemic symptoms, sometimes associated with other conditions of arthritis, are not associated with osteoarthritis. The joints of the hands and fingers, hips, knees, big toe, and cervical and lumbar spine are affected.

Degeneration of the joint to begin in May as a result of joint trauma, overuse, obesity, or mal-alignment of the joint (for example being bow-legged or knock-kneed).


Weight reduction in women reduces the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee.


gradual and subtle onset of pain, deep pain
worse after exercise or weight bearing
often relieved by rest
joint swelling
morning stiffness
grid linkage with the movement
pain in case of rain
Note: There will be no symptoms in May

Signs and tests

Physical examination can show the limited range of motion, a common grid with movement, joint swelling, and tenderness.

X-ray of affected joints show a loss of space, and in advanced cases, the port at the tip of the bone and bone spurs.

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