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Moderate exercise can prevent osteoarthritis

Updated: Thursday, Mar 13,2014, 9:50:27 PM
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Who is always movement, life is movement , no movement, no metabolism, life is over. However, bone and joint disease osteoarthritis , it is not suitable for the transition of sports and activities , so as not to induce new bone hyperplasia.

In order to protect seriously ill weight-bearing joints , osteoarthritis patients to moderate exercise , do not over exercise. That is when you suffer from a certain part of osteoarthritis , there will be such and such discomfort or pain in the affected area when the activities do not cause pain to the movement known as active movement ; bone hyperplasia , and when the pain in the injured area activities , despite the pain , desperately activities , thus speeding up the damaged parts of proliferation , said mechanical injury medicine . Spur the growth of the damage , into the muscle and tissue , called free sequestrum in medicine , long-term stimulation of muscle tissue , so that the above-mentioned symptoms.

Poor posture and uneven wear , induced osteoarthritis, should in their daily life and work should pay attention . Lumbar spinal stenosis causing difficulty walking , bedridden , which can lead to loss of self-care functions lost confidence in life . On the one hand these patients to actively cooperate with medical treatment , on the other hand should take a strong will , a spirit of optimism treat relatives have to go through no-not care , thoughtfulness , care, strengthen the confidence of the patient and disease fighting .

Excessive exercise can lead to osteoarthritis

1 , activity or exercise bones are over-stretch the muscles and ligaments , resulting in increased bone local force to stimulate periosteal hyperplasia and bone tissue , resulting in bone proliferation. In the X -ray films often can be seen , all spur serious parts are muscle and ligament attachment sites on the bones , it also proves that the occurrence of osteoarthritis and muscles, ligaments stretch has a very close relationship.

2 , activity or movement to excessive wear and tear of bone joints , articular cartilage can cause uneven surface , the stress on the uneven distribution of the articular cartilage , causing joint bone destruction and proliferation , in order to achieve a relatively balanced stress , as many long-distance running athletes in early knee osteoarthritis occur.

How to prevent osteoarthritis ?

Avoid prolonged strenuous exercise , proper physical exercise is one good way to prevent osteoarthritis . Because articular cartilage nutrition from the synovial fluid , and synovial fluid only by " squeezing" to be able to enter the cartilage to promote cartilage metabolism. Appropriate exercise, especially the movement of the joints , increase intra-articular pressure in favor of joint fluid to penetrate cartilage , reduce degenerative changes in the articular cartilage , thereby reducing or preventing osteoarthritis, especially in articular cartilage hyperplasia and degenerative changes .

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