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Many diseases can cause frequent micturition symptoms

Updated: Saturday, Jul 09,2016, 1:54:14 PM
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Many diseases can cause frequent micturition symptoms, then as you explain the common diseases cause frequent micturition.

1, urinary tract diseases

Cause frequent micturition, make water urgent disease of urinary system very much, including urinary tract tuberculosis, bladder tumor, bladder stones, ureteral calculus at the terminal end, bladder urethral dysfunction disease and bladder overactivity. What kinds of urinary tract diseases, please help urologists need diagnosis.

2, diabetes

The typical symptoms of diabetes are the multi - drinking, multi - urine, multi - Food and wasting. Drink plenty of water, will inevitably lead to more frequent urination, urine. When blood sugar is high, more urine discharge, urine volume is more. According to reports, some patients with diabetes need to urinate 30 times in one night.


Good hair in preschool children, 4-5 years old to see more. Performance was increased daily urination, but no increase in urine volume, urine routine. Daily voiding frequency increased to 20 to 30 times, or even a dozen times per hour, each time the urine volume rarely, sometimes only a few drops, sleep is no frequency, mainly in before you go to bed, eat or class increased.

4, sleep apnea

Dean Madison clinic, the United States, said Adam Tierney, a specialist in the night every 2 to 3 hours on the toilet, there may be caused by sleep apnea. Patients with apnea syndrome, if they are often held back, will increase the frequency of nocturnal urine, thereby affecting the renal function.

If there are frequent visits should be clear in time to the hospital so as not to cause frequent micturition, daily life and work by frequency effect.

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