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Lipid lowering fruit and vegetable

Updated: Friday, Aug 28,2015, 3:50:00 PM
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For those with high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids in patients with oral lipid lowering drugs, but also to pay attention to eat some of the fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables for the prevention of high blood lipids have a certain effect, but also cheap and simple, I hope you can have a healthy spring festival.

Mung bean sprouts: the cholesterol excretion

Mung bean itself is a very good cholesterol lowering food, and in the course of its germination, vitamin C can reach six or seven times more than the original content of mung bean. A large amount of vitamin C can promote the excretion of cholesterol, prevent its deposition in the arterial wall. Mung bean sprouts of dietary fiber, can help to remove the body of garbage, but also with the cholesterol in food, and the conversion into bile acid excreted, thereby reducing cholesterol levels. Mung bean sweet cool, rich in water, but also greasy fluid, is the rare lipid diet dishes.

Onion: raise good cholesterol

Onions are very few vegetables containing prostaglandin A, prostaglandin A is a strong vasodilator, can soften blood vessels, medical ` education network collected finishing lower blood viscosity, increase the blood flow of coronary artery, helped bring the excretion of elevated blood sodium and other substances, which can regulate blood lipid the of the role and blood pressure and the prevention of thrombosis. More commendable is, onions contain a kind of onion essential oil, not only can reduce cholesterol and improve atherosclerosis, but also increase good cholesterol, high density lipoprotein content.

Apple: absorb excess cholesterol

Apple is easy to ignore the "fat fruit", it is the role of fat rich in pectin, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber, can be combined with bile acids, like a sponge to absorb excess cholesterol and triglycerides, and help them out in vitro.

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