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Introduction insomnia dietary health

Updated: Friday, Apr 18,2014, 10:14:07 PM
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Insomnia should eat ?
Eat more fruits and vegetables , eat more foods nourish the brain nerves , such as millet , dates, walnuts , etc. , milk , potatoes , pasta or vegetables, add a little chicken or fish, these foods can induce brain secrete a hormone called serotonin , which with a relaxed, soothing effect ; cheese , yogurt is rich in calcium , can promote sleep ;

Insomnia do not eat what ?


Many people know that food containing caffeine stimulates the nervous system , but also has some diuretic effect , is a common cause of insomnia.

Spicy food

In fact , in addition, dinner is also an important reason to eat spicy foods affect sleep . Pepper, garlic ( garlic food ) , onions , etc. can cause a burning sensation in the stomach and indigestion , thereby affecting sleep.

Greasy food

Greasy food will increase after eating intestines, stomach, liver, gall bladder and pancreas workload and stimulate the nerve center , it has been in working condition, can also cause insomnia.

There satiating effect of food

Also some food digestion (digested food ) process will produce more gas , resulting in bloating , interfere with normal sleep , such as beans , cabbage , onions , corn, bananas and so on.


Bedtime had been drinking a lot of people think that you can promote sleep, but recent studies have shown that , although it can make people fall asleep quickly , but it puts sleep stuck in light sleep , deep sleep is difficult to enter . Therefore , even if the person drinking sleep a long time, there will still be feeling tired after waking up .

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