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Hypertension great harm, head massage can lower blood pressure

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 04,2014, 7:27:48 PM
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Today's society , as people 's living standards improve , the prevalence of hypertension increased year by year , and the mortality and morbidity have been in the forefront . Correct head and foot massage can be effective in reducing blood pressure.

In medicine, hypertension are " Vertigo " category , mostly due to mental stress, excessive anxiety , which had a very impassioned Goshi fire, or overwork , eat fatness , such as excessive drinking cause loss of balance of yin and yang , blood meridians run disorders due. Effective control of blood pressure , we must insist on good lifestyle . Reasonable diet, smoking and drinking , regular exercise, and psychological balance .

Push combing hair can lower blood pressure

Twelve meridians and human kidneys are gathering in the head, but there are dozens of points head . Experts said that hair, pushing the head of hair can promote blood circulation , dredge the meridians play , smooth blood, can effectively lower blood pressure. Hair is to day early, middle and late hair once , forced moderate scalp comb over all the ministries , each 2-3 minutes. Push the hair is relatively separate from the tiger's mouth with both hands placed on the hairline ear , index finger in front, thumb , by the ear into the hairline head, jaws of death when the two meet at the head of the hair to mention, repeatedly push the hair 10 times, operating when a little harder . Palms from the forehead to the brain like a comb -like massage to the neck when the palms fingers crossed to squeeze the neck heel antihypertensive effect.

Foot is good for lowering blood pressure

In addition , foot for lowering blood pressure is also good. Chinese medicine believes that human organs have corresponding projection in the feet , foot by foot yin is the starting point , but also a foot Sanyang termination point , there are more than sixty ankle the following points . If you often use hot feet , can stimulate foot acupuncture points , enhance blood running , conditioning organs , so as to achieve physical fitness, get rid of Evils , buck Therapy purposes. When foot bath , the water temperature is generally maintained at around 40 degrees Celsius , the water can not seen to ankle as well, heat water and soak your feet for 5-10 minutes , then hand massage soles of the feet .

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