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How to prevent the onset of coronary heart disease in spring

Updated: Sunday, Mar 16,2014, 9:37:09 PM
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With the improvement of our living standards , the incidence of coronary heart disease is also increasing year by year , winter and spring , the peak heart attack nowadays is in the winter and spring seasons , the health, the best tonic season , but for patients with coronary artery disease to say , do not blindly tonic , must be scientific and reasonable arrangements for food .

Cold season prevention of coronary heart disease :

1 , blood glucose , blood lipids, blood pressure, maintaining compliance , then the risk of coronary heart disease will be greatly reduced.

① diabetes patients to control blood sugar , making fasting glucose ≤ 7 0mmol / L, glycosylated hemoglobin <7 % ;

② hypertensive patients , blood pressure must be achieved and the general blood pressure in hypertensive patients should be reduced to <130/85mmHg, both hypertensive patients have diabetes, blood pressure should be controlled at 130/80mmHg or less , if the 24 hours of diabetic patients with hypertension proteinuria than 1g, then the blood pressure should be reduced to 127/75mmHg, and blood pressure must be reached 24 hours a stable standard.

③ patients with high cholesterol should be low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C) reduction in <2. 6mg/dL, triglyceride (TG) <1. 7mmol / L.

2 , Science Diet:

① adhere to low-cholesterol , low-fat , low-salt ( no more than 6 grams per day ) , low-sugar diet ;

② eat foods high in protein , grains, fruits , vegetables, poultry ( high cholesterol patients should poultry skin and fat removed ) , fish food ;

③ eat less animal fat , fried foods , egg yolks ( no more than two per week ) ;

④ dinner should not be fed .

3 , regular exercise : choose walking, swimming, jogging, tai chi and other exercise, exercise 3-5 times a week , every 30 minutes , the safest heart rate after exercise ( ie pulse ) should be 170 - Age ; movement can is divided into three stages, namely five minutes to warm up 20 minutes of exercise , five minutes to restore order.

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