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How to find the pulmonary tuberculosis as soon as possible?

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 2:46:33 PM
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Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, lung damage in addition, will also cause the nervous, endocrine disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis patients will feel limb weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion, weight loss, etc., so how to early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis? In order to find treatment as soon as possible as soon as possible.

1, respiratory symptoms are more common, mainly for mild cough spit or blood in the sputum.

2, tuberculous pleurisy can occur in patients with chest pain, shortness of breath.

3, some patients can be manifested as high fever, often by a cold treatment and delay in treatment.

4, asthenia, anorexia, indigestion, weight loss, night sweats, afternoon fever, two cheeks flushing, etc.

5, some children had a personality change, easy termagancy noisy.

6, in addition, some of the female patients with pulmonary tuberculosis may also occur irregular menstruation or amenorrhea.

When these symptoms, should as soon as possible to the hospital examination, such as chest fluoroscopy and radiography sputum smear, tuberculin tests (OT), check ESR, etc., to facilitate the early diagnosis. But some TB patients no early symptoms, often had been found in the health survey.

The chest X-ray examination is one of the important methods for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, especially chest X-ray is simple. There are several situations of the people should do regular checks:

1, with pulmonary tuberculosis patients in close contact.

2, after suffering from silicosis and gastric resection surgery patients, long-term use in patients with adrenal cortical hormone and immunosuppressive immune function low.

3, OT test positive patients, especially in children.

4, long-term low-grade fever or tuberculosis allergic manifestations, such as joint pain, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, anti rheumatic treatment effect is not good, or with erythema nodosum, bubble conjunctivitis should be a chest X-ray and other systemic examination.

5, some workers exposed to dust.

6, for healthy people, to every 1 to 2 years to do 1 chest X-ray examination. Especially in primary and secondary school teachers, teachers, doctors, nurses, staff canteen, restaurant management etc..

7 and permanently cold cough, fever, and lung shadow, after the regular anti-inflammatory treatment for two weeks, still do not see absorption, should think of tuberculosis could be further examination.

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