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Heart rate is not neat what reason is caused

Updated: Friday, Jul 15,2016, 2:37:38 PM
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Recently always feel stuffy chest, as if the other side of the heart is not very comfortable, and heartbeat not normal, arrhythmia, usually pay attention to rest, but if symptoms are not obvious improvement, very worried. Today, let me talk to you about the heart rate is not the cause of.

The first reason is: arrhythmia is caused by heart disease heart throb abnormal pathological phenomenon. Arrhythmia refers to cardiac automaticity or abnormal conduction disorders caused by tachycardia, bradycardia or arrhythmia. Mental stress, heavy smoking, drinking, drink tea or coffee, excessive fatigue, severe insomnia often predisposing factors of arrhythmia.

The second reason is that when the signal to control heart beat when delayed or blocked, an arrhythmia can occur. If this occurs, on the one hand may be a special nerve cells to produce cardiac electrical signals can not work, on the other hand may also be the heart of electrical signals in the heart can not be normal delivery.

The third reason is caused by the reason of arrhythmia and pressure, smoking and drinking, excessive activity, drugs (such as cocaine or amphetamine type drugs), taking some of the non prescription drugs, caffeine or nicotine intake excessive.

Actually simple heart rate not neat, the body no too big impact, but in life if there is dizziness phenomenon should go to the hospital to identify the specific reasons, according to the doctor's advice to symptomatic treatment, so you can avoid a lot of damage.

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