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Drink plenty of water before going to bed to prevent cerebral thrombosis

Updated: Friday, Jan 22,2010, 3:39:45 PM
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Cerebral thrombosis is a common disease of older persons, it occurs not only with high blood pressure, the extent of atherosclerosis, but also with the elderly is closely related to increased blood viscosity. Studies have shown that bedtime glass of water, to some extent prevent cerebral thrombosis.

The incidence of cerebral thrombosis more time to spend during the period in the early morning to the morning, indicating increased blood viscosity with a certain relationship between the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis. Person's blood viscosity in the day constantly changing and has its own definite laws: In the 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock blood viscosity and the highest, and then gradually decreased until midnight to reach the lowest point in the future and then gradually recovered to Good morning once again reached its peak.
Drink a glass of water before bed can prevent cerebral thrombosis

Therefore, it is late at night before going to sleep, especially the elderly, drinking about 200 milliliters of water, so the next morning the body's blood viscosity not only increased, but declined. The medical profession is also general agreement that the evening drinking water can actually reduce blood viscosity, maintaining blood flow to prevent thrombosis.

Of course, the cerebral thrombosis occur for many reasons, increased blood viscosity is only one of many factors, but at least is certain, to develop the habit of drinking water right before bed to prevent the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis will play a certain role.

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